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Did you trap with a fraudulent IELTS Certificates?

July 1, 2020BY Admin

Did you trap with a fraudulent IELTS Certificates?

It has been very unfortunate that many individuals in Sri Lankan trying to rely on fraudulent IELTS Certificates to obtain their academic admissions and the study permits / visa for Canadian Institutions. I was given many fraudulent IELTS certificates, for they usually paid around from 500 USD -1500 USD. Unfortunately, many unauthorised consultants /Ghost consultants in Sri Lanka encouraged individuals to buy their fraudulent certificates paying considerable amount of money.  Today I received   two of such certificates form two young folks, whose visa is rejected by the Canadian Consulate in Colombo.  Visa officers are well trained and experience to differentiate fraudulent IELTS certificates from genuine certificates.  Visa officers has easy access to IELTS verification site at their fingertips. When the certificate number and the details of the candidate is entered in to IELTS verifications they know the status of your certificates.  

Remember your IELTS certificates is always subject to verification at the visa office for its authenticity.  Following are the results of having a fraudulent IELT certificate. 

  1. Your visa is rejected / Refused – note will be placed in the system 
  2. You will be charged for misrepresentation and bared for re-applying for 05 years
  3. If you get visa, subsequent investigation can ask you to deport form Canada cancelling your visa (This has happened in Canada) 
  4.  If you get your permeant Residence with a fraudulent IELTS certificates, expect the investigation and cancellation of your PR or even your citizenship you obtained based on your fraudulent IELT certificate (Already happen and many are under investigation_ 

As authorised / Licenced Canadian Visa consultants dage immigration always make sure its clients are properly educated not to jeopardise their future dreams for short term financial gains. If you need any advice pls feel free to connect us through contact@dageimmigrqation.ca or visit us www.dageimmigration.ca