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Our Fees

When it comes to our Immigration consultancy payment, we believe you should understand our fee breakdown. Our fees are published on our website as we value transparency and honesty. This helps you to plan out your finances. As our cooperate mandate is to make your immigration process simple and stress free, we make an effort to keep the professional fee affordable. We do not compromise quality for money; however, we believe that immigration should be available for every individual. You are ensured to receive the highest possible service standards, including access to our consultants with an immediate 48-hour response time to emails. Our transparency policy ensures that you are aware of any changes in payment process. This is dependent on the complexity of your cade (I. e. previous refusals, inadmissibility etc.). Communication is key throughout the Immigration process, and we make sure that you know what to expect and offer our services accordingly.

Some initial information includes:

  • A flat rate is charged for most of our immigration consultancies
  • Canadian dollar is the general currency used
  • Secure online payments are accepted

Immigration Consultation

  • 15-minute phone call – FREE  

*You’ll learn how we can help you become a Canadian permanent resident. You’ll receive legal advice after you have retained us.

  • 30-minute Immigration consultation – $100.00 *Ask us anything!

 Once you choose us for your immigration service after the call, this fee will be deducted from our flat rate for that service. (One consultation per person/matter)

Government fees and disbursements

Our professional fees do not include the required government application fees, taxes or disbursements (courier costs, translations, attestations, and photocopies). Our fees are subject to change without notice.

Deposits and Payments

We require an up-front deposit for any work we undertake. Our work begins immediately upon receipt of the deposit and the balance to be paid as per the retainer agreement. Once the application is ready to be filed, you will be billed for the full amount (legal fees, application fees, taxes and disbursements) less the original deposit amount. This must be paid before the final completion of the documents. You may pay by email transfer or credit card via our website or through a link we provide along with our invoice.


Our fees are for the application, not the result. The final decision to approve or refuse an application is up to the Canadian Immigration Officer. No lawyer or immigration consultant can guarantee the result will 100% follow through to expectations.

What is an initial Client Consultation at Dage Immigration INC

An initial client consultation is an approx. 1-hour meeting between the client and a business representative to provide you with an opportunity to present your case and profile for assessment. We will go over a few necessary documents and inform you of the next steps you must take in order to address your immigration goals.
Before we schedule a consultation, we conduct a brief 15-minute strategy session between the representative and the client in order to outline their needs and concerns. Here we will be offering any applicable advice and information pertaining to their case to provide a clear understanding of the services we entail. However, despite the time constraints of 15 minutes, we try to understand the specific overview of your situation and provide and analysis of how best we would be able to assist you, given that it is an area of law that we practice in. After this brief one on one session we can then proceed to schedule an initial 1-hour consultation where we will further outline the process according to your needs.

What Can You Expect from an Initial Consultation?

During the consultation we will:

  • Asses your eligibility based on your immigration goals
  • Address and possible obstacles, barriers or other factors that may affect your application, and find the best approaches to overcome them
  • We will determine the best approach to achieving your personal goals in Canada, regardless of whether you have applied on your own or with another representative.
  • Following the consultation, we will send you a summary along with an initial assessment
  • If you have already applied, we will offer a second opinion on the best way to proceed (ex. Withdrawing the application, submitting additional information, or waiting for a decision)

What are the Benefits of an Initial Consultation?

A client consultation will not only help you develop trust between you and the business, but it will also give you the opportunity to:

  • Familiarize yourself with our business ethics and operations
  • Address any initial concerns, or questions regarding the application process
  • Make sure you’re comfortable and secure with your representative

Furthermore, prior to the consultation we would have gone through your profile and case, allowing us to best accommodate you with a representative that meets your specific requirements.

A consultation is not only an opportunity for you to meet us but it also an opportunity for us to meet you. It gives us both a chance to establish a mutual goal and plan accordingly without the premise of false promises.

For more information or to book a consultation please feel free to contact us at contact@dageimmigration.ca or visit us at www.dageimmigration.ca

Here is our fee chart. This will hep you to compare the professional fees and make the best choice

 Description Ave. Market Rates in CADDage Immigration Fees in CADGovt fees (CAD) Can be changed without notice. Pls check the website for most up to date fees.
 PR Card Renewal- simple /Complex 2000250 /50050
  PR Card renewal for Spouse   200 
 PR renewal for child  100 
 Deferral request to CBSA3500N/A 
  H & C Application 6500+500ppN/A 1040 PA, 150 PC
 TRP 40001500200
 Criminal Rehabilitation 4000\4500N/A200 regular 1000 serious criminality
 LMIA -Exempt Work Permit (POE)350025001500 + 230 Compliance 
 NAFTA Work Permit (POE)350025001500 +230
 Work permit (for LMIA)30003000155 per person
 LMIA650035001000 PP
 Open work Permit for spouse 30001500255PP + 85 (Biometrics)
 Study permit (for previous refusal) includes professional career counselling and visa assistance by RCIC35001250150 PP +85 (BIOMETRIC)
 Student visa (Free -collage / university application -only admin fee changed by the institution) + Career counseling 3000500150 PP+ 85 Biometric)
 Parental Sponsorship PR (1 or 2 parents)550025001040 PP
 Super visa +ATIP (previous refusals) Regular +5002500100 PP +85 Biometrics
 Super visa (1 or 2 parents) (without follow-ups)3500/40002000100 PP +85 Biometrics
 TRV +ATIP 35002500100 PP +85 Biometrics
 TRV Tourist visa 30002500100+85 Biometric
 PNP Application 500030000-1000 fee varies 
 Express Entry (Full Application) for family of 4550030001040 PP / 150PC
 Express Entry (profile creation) per person (Both 1500)20001000N/A
 Express Entry (DIY) Document check20001000 
  Re consideration request 30002000 
 Procedural Fairness Letter 1500-5500500-3500 
 Judicial Review -Federal Court 4000-11000N/A 
 Residence Appeal at IAD8500 -11000N/A 
 Consultation 15 minutes -information explorationfreeFree 
 Consultation 30 minutes25075Fees will be set off once sign up
 Consultation 60 minutes350100Fees will be set off once sign-up
 Spousal Sponsorship 550030001040 + 150 per child 
 Spousal Sponsorship + OWP 600035001040 + 150 per child+255
 Spousal Appeal at IAD8500-110006,500 
 Residency Appeal at IAD8500-110007500 
 Citizenship Application Per person simple /Complex 1000 (absence from Canada)3000750 630
 Citizenship Application for spouse  500630
 Citizenship Application for child 250100
 BOC completion 1000-2500500 
 BOC with Narration (English translation)  2500 
 IRB representation 
 IRB interview preparation 1000250 
 Correspondence to IRB250100 
 ECA / WES Evaluation -per person 100150-200
 ATIP + consultation for one hour 250 
 O/O LMIA 12,5005000-10,000